McSwain and Company, P.S. helps clients bridge today and tomorrow by developing short- and long-term tax plans for achieving financial goals.

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Entity choice and Capitalization: We work closely with our clients and their legal counsel to determine the best form and capitalization structure for operating a business.

Operations: We critically analyze who should own business assets and determine overall choices that would provide accounting to improve cash flow.

Compensation: We work with our clients to explore what level and structure of compensation is appropriate for themselves and their employees. Taking into account ever-changing tax legislation we continually work with clients in the selection, updating and reporting of retirement plans, as well as in the selection of current and post-retirement fringe benefits.

Family Tax Considerations: Often opportunities arise to “share the wealth” in a family business. When this happens, we explore and assist in implementing plans to shift income to family members in possibly lower tax brackets. We also develop plans to provide for the continuity of a business upon the death or disability of an owner.

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