McSwain and Company, P.S. provides a wide array of litigation support services. We have testified as experts in matters involving business valuations as well as matters relating to the tax structuring of marital dissolutions, business sales and disputes.

We have assisted in facilitating settlements between parties before litigation was instituted. This has been a particularly rewarding part of our practice, since it saves substantial legal costs while lessening the chance of hard feelings between disputing parties. We have provided business valuation services for various types of businesses, including professional practices, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and other service industries.
As part of our business valuation services, we review and analyze a company’s current financial statements, interview company personnel to determine current operations, past performance and future plans, and study the economic environment in which the company is currently operation. We then develop a report establishing our valuation and explaining our supporting documentation.

In addition to business valuations, we perform valuations of pension, profit sharing and other retirement plans.

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